Prescient Technologies employs a customer-focused approach to deliver elite language, management, and support services to government clients. We provide language services in over 200 languages, project and program management for multiple federal offices, and unique solutions to a myriad of other tasks throughout the federal sector.

We respond to insurmountable challenges with forward-thinking & innovative solutions

At Prescient Technologies, we deliver high-quality support and services for Federal, State, and Local government agencies including translation, interpretation, project management, program management, and other support services. We provide unique skillsets, imaginative solutions, and comprehensive management support to address the specific needs of each client.

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People centric
What we do

We strive to give the government entities highly tailored & relevant analytics & solutions

We leverage our capabilities and experience to provide comprehensive and ingenious solutions to problems both large and small. Our combination of experience and capabilities allows us to execute efficiently and pass savings to the customer.

Language Services

Prescient offers Translation and Interpretation services for clients at the Federal, State, and local levels.
Our roster of translators and interpreters work in over 200 languages from Aramaic to Zulu and Prescient backs each project with powerful engagement coordination tools.
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Project Management

Prescient specializes in delivering efficient, highly effective Project Management practices.
Over 33% of our staff are PMP-certified and we work with the client to enact organizational and process foundations that are transformational to new or underperforming projects.
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Program Management

Prescient offers Program Support Services including policy analysis & development, project support, training, process development and implementation, as well as cross-team collaboration.
We work with clients to analyze each program to determine potential performance risks and then develop thorough mitigation plans to resolve the issues. Our team also applies our technical and managerial expertise to define and implement solutions and new program innovations.
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Support Services

Prescient has the capability to quickly develop and implement innovative support
solutions suited to solve unique challenges. Our recruiters apply tailored staffing approaches to suit the needs of individual clients. We deliver support services for roles such as IT Support, Medical, Analytical, Logistics, and Administrative Services.
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Intelligence & Analysis Services

Prescient lives up to its name, providing comprehensive and predictive analytics
to challenges within the Intelligence Community and beyond. Our analysts bring the best practices from the Intelligence Community's analytics to problems outside of that community. Our service includes counter-narcotics, anti-money laundering, cybercrime, and foreign dignitary protection.
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Providing Services that bridge divides

Prescient Technologies provides language, analytic, health, and program support for multiple agencies, including the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Prescient’s history as a Language Services provider shapes our approach to service delivery. We seek out personnel with highly specialized skillsets and create an atmosphere that encourages a close family feel. In turn, our employees extend this to each project by developing close working relationships with our clients and making them feel part of our family. We deliver tailored solutions, approaches, and staff based on an understanding of the customer preferences and internal culture.

We build upon this foundation to deliver effective, cost-efficient solutions that save money, increase customer satisfaction, and deliver on schedule in projects across five core capability sets.

Key Accomplishments

Passion is what drives us

Prescient takes a collaborative approach to each project to understand our customers’ needs. We deliver catered solutions focused mission success, efficiency, cost reduction, and process improvement. Our results pass savings on to the customer and developing strong relationships. At Prescient Technologies, your success is paramount.

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Our Mission

To deliver quality personnel and services to empower our clients through unique skillsets that address their unique needs and goals.

At Prescient Technologies, we deliver the highest quality support and services to our clients through tailored, customer-centric approaches for each engagement. We provide highly qualified professionals with unique skillsets to address the specific needs of each project. Our approach is always focused on client needs and preferences while continuing to add innovation and constant improvement. Our team consistently exceed customer expectations while completing projects on schedule and within budget constraints.

We create customized solutions for unique problems.

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