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IT Support: We take an analytical approach to assist organizations in making intelligent decisions, specializing in Helpdesk, Development, Cloud and Procurement solutions.


Analytics: Doing more with less is paramount to an efficient government. We utilize our skills to aid the intelligence community and engage in anonymous internet research to help combat online threats.

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Join Our Team: We offer full and part-time positions to fulfill government contracts, staffing a wide variety of roles from analysts to project managers to administrative staff.

Our Vision

We believe through analytics that all things are possible. We strive to give the government entities highly tailored and relevant analytics and solutions that allow them to make smarter decisions and improve efficiency.

About Prescient Technologies

Prescient Technologies was founded to bring the best of analytics to solve some of the toughest problems government has to offer.

Prescient prides itself on providing innovative, low-cost solutions to complex problems, with embedded analytics to provide deep insight into what works and what doesn't.
As a solution-focused company, Prescient prides itself on efficiency and value-based resolutions.

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