Intelligence Analytics

When a government agency requires the help of an outside firm, we aim to be on the frontline serving in whatever necessary capacity. Through our experience taking on projects in the public and private sectors, it’s our goal to implement the skills to make a lasting impact on improving the greater good of America.

Like any business or organization, the U.S. government requires support to achieve efficient solutions. Our experience includes working in conjunction with the Department of Defense, FBI, Office of Naval Intelligence, NCIS and more. We look forward to expanding our reach and utilizing our abilities across many departments and projects.

Business Analytics

Efficiency is the name of the game in business. Imperfections in your operations can adversely affect your bottom line. At Prescient Technologies, we strive to make your organization run more efficiently with the resources it has by looking for areas of improvement. We can help locate holes in your system, identify where you’re lagging behind, as well answer the question of why you’re not getting the results you’re looking for.

Open Source Research

Prescient analysts all have over a decade of experience within the intelligence community and include linguists, analysts, and operators with worldwide knowledge.

Our analysts scour the web and proprietary databases for information, verify, synthesize, and analyze this data, and provide you with an invaluable unique product which is unavailable from any other source.

Our records are stored on servers which are offline, and secure.

Continued Education Requirements

Prescient believes that an analyst that isn’t learning is stagnant, and we don’t believe in stagnation.  Prescient Technologies requires professional development for our analysts and staff annually. There are a specific number of hours of professional development to remain qualified to represent our company, and we believe strongly in continued education to keep our team focused and sharp.

Our Vision

We believe through analytics that all things are possible. We strive to give the government entities highly tailored and relevant analytics and solutions that allow them to make smarter decisions and improve efficiency.

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