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Over 200 Languages

Our roster of translators and interpreters work in over 200 languages from Aramaic to Zulu and Prescient backs each project with powerful engagement coordination tools.

Unparalleled Language Services Catalog

Prescient has had the honor of being VA’s #2 language services provider since 2018.
Our services include medical/legal translation, phone, virtual, and on-site ASL and language interpretation services. Our infrastructure allows us to serve clients anywhere in the world 24/7. Whatever your need, our array of Language Services can help you with industry-proven multilingual solutions to meet today’s needs and challenges.

Flexible Applications for Language Services

Prescient's language services offerings support refugee resettlement, medical translation/interpreting, law enforcement, social work, and benefits administration.
We have interpreters and translators on staff to fill any of these needs – and more. Prescient leadership is proud of our capability to deliver highly qualified translators and interpreters possessing key certifications from State and National bodies.

Scalable Language Services Approach

Our teams apply technologies and processes which allow our teams to develop scalable approaches for any engagement.
Our teams are equally capable of initiating projects translating a few pages, thousands of pages, or large projects with a scalable Project Management and Quality Assurance approach. We scale our approach on the workload and requirements of each client. Ultimately, our approach ensures we are able to deliver accurate and timely services, enhancing our client's capabilities and minimizing wait times.
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We have translators and interpreters available for over 200 languages

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