Intelligence & Analysis Services

Key solutions

Adapting with the Target

The methods, technologies, and approaches used to conduct Data Analysis and Intelligence Analysis Services have evolved rapidly. Prescient’s analysts are trained in the latest analytic techniques to stay ahead of rapidly evolving targets and threats. Our solutions for government agencies such as the US Secret Service are key in the fights against cybercrime, narcotics trafficking, money laundering, and identity theft.


Intelligence Analytics

Prescient personnel are prepared to serve in any capacity needed as government agencies seek assistance from outside firms. Our personnel have experience within the public and private sectors which have taught us how and where to apply skills to make a lasting impact on projects and provide the best outcomes to protect American interests. We understand that the government is always seeking qualified support to develop and implement effective solutions for business and intelligence analysis. We can apply our experience working in conjunction with the Department of Defense, FBI, Office of Naval Intelligence, NCIS and more to help strengthen these solutions. 

emphasis on efficiency

Business Analytics

Prescient places a heavy emphasis on efficiency during every Business Analytics engagement. We identify imperfections in the operations which could adversely affect your bottom line. We strive to make your organization run more efficiently with the resources it has by identifying areas of improvement which will allow us to obtain measurable results. We locate gaps within the business, measure where those gaps are, and determine the effect those gaps are having on the enterprise.


Open-Source Research

Our teams of analysts are trained to scour the open and proprietary sources for data. We verify, synthesize, and analyze this data into actionable intelligence. Our analysts have provided invaluable assistance to investigations supporting narcoterrorism, cybercrime, and money laundering worldwide.

evolving intelligence

Continued Education Requirements

Our team believes that each member of our team should continue to grow to meet the evolving intelligence needs of the modern world. Prescient Technologies institutes internal professional development plans for our analysts and staff which sharpens these skillsets on an annual basis. We have a minimum threshold of professional development hours to remain qualified to represent our company, and we believe strongly in continued education to keep our team focused and sharp.